The Central Depository offers a comprehensive suite of depository services to both individual and corporate clients.

Securities Storage Services Include:

  • Account Management: Opening and managing deposit accounts for clients.
  • Securities Custody: Safekeeping and accounting for a broad spectrum of securities, including but not limited to stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, promissory notes, and international financial instruments like eurobonds and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).
  • Transaction Support: Providing expert consultation and assistance with securities transactions.
  • Ownership Re-registration: Facilitating the re-registration of securities ownership, including under specific conditions.
  • Collateral Management: Handling and recording collateral transactions involving depositors’ securities.
  • Issuer Information: Offering detailed information about issuers of securities.
  • Rights Execution Assistance: Helping depositors exercise their rights as securities owners.
  • Consultation Services: Offering advisory support for account transactions.
  • Payment Agent Functions: Involvement in general shareholders’ meetings and managing income distributions to securities owners.

Issuer Services Include:

  • Issuer Account Management: Opening and maintaining securities accounts for issuers, including those in the formation stage or for accounting repurchased immobilized securities.
  • Securities Placement Services: Facilitating the distribution of securities to owners’ accounts and managing stock exchange placements.
  • Buyback Transactions: Documenting issuer buyback operations of their own securities.
  • Income Distribution: Managing the accrual and payment of incomes by issuers on issued securities.
  • Shareholders’ Meetings Participation: Representing client interests at shareholders’ meetings nationwide, strictly adhering to provided proxies and instructions, and delivering comprehensive reports on meeting outcomes.

Corporate Information Services:

  • Corporate Actions Support: Assisting with issuer corporate actions, such as stock splits, consolidations, conversions, redemptions, and cancellations, and helping in the rights execution related to securities during such corporate actions.
  • Issuer Information Provision: Making available detailed information about issuers to clients/depositors.
  • Registrar Consultations: Providing guidance on securities transactions within shareholder registries.

To streamline the disclosure of information in the securities market, we are considering a proposal to host corporate information on This platform would allow issuers to share essential details about their operations, including company overviews, annual reports, financial statements, and lists of affiliated persons, all in compliance with the legal requirements of the Kyrgyz Republic.


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