Why choose our services?

For over 15 years, the Central Depository has adhered strictly to licensing requirements and standards, including those related to equity capital, technical specifications, auditing, and additional regulations. This commitment ensures a high level of operational integrity and compliance.

The Central Depository provides a valuable service for investors with diverse portfolios, allowing them to consolidate their securities in a single location by opening a deposit account. This convenience eliminates the need for multiple personal accounts with various registrars, simplifying the investment process.

As a trusted guarantor for transactions on the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, the Central Depository plays a critical role. It automatically records securities acquired through exchange trades to the DEPO account and facilitates the prompt distribution of dividends from issuers directly to the Client’s trading account.

Adopting the International Standard ISO 15022-2, the Central Depository ensures the integrity and security of data transmission. This standard enables clear identification of message senders and recipients while protecting data from unauthorized access and analysis through cryptographic encoding of specific message fields.

The “Central Depository” Joint Stock Company boasts an efficient and adaptable computer system. Designed with future growth and enhancement in mind, it offers a broad spectrum of capabilities to meet individual client needs regarding information support for depository services and transaction processing.

By storing securities with the Central Depository, clients can legally and effectively demonstrate ownership, offering enhanced protection against the potential bankruptcy of brokers and registrars. The Central Depository guarantees its clients access to:

  • Professional and friendly consultations by depository staff on a range of issues, including securities ownership rights, transfers, inheritance, issuer reorganizations, and dividend accruals, among others.
  • Complimentary information services and consultations on the storage and management of securities ownership rights.

Additionally, for a nominal fee, clients can obtain detailed reports on transactions over any chosen period and account statements for any specified date.

Importantly, the Central Depository distinguishes its depository operations from professional brokerage, dealing, trust management, and banking activities. This separation ensures that our clients are not exposed to the risks associated with the convergence of these professional services.


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